Frequently Asked Questions

Ordering Samples

  • ·         Can I have a sample to check the colour?

Yes.  We supply product samples for all of our products and give lets you confirm the colour is correct for you and matches your colour scheme.

  • ·         How much does a sample cost?

All samples are free. Our company policy is that free samples are a small cost to ensure all of our clients have complete peace of mind with their order. Unlike most mosaic tile companies we are happy to  provide free samples to any client who makes an enquiry. The free sample is to ensure that all clients are able to match and mix colour samples so that they may find the ideal colour combination which is perfect for them.

  • ·         If I like two possible options can I order both to see which one I prefer?

Yes. If you have to possible design schemes you can order the samples for the two different options and go for the one that you prefer. However multiple samples of the same product cannot be ordered.

  • ·         How long does it take for the sample to arrive?

Once ordered the sample shall arrive to you within 2-3 working days


Processing an Order

  • ·         Once I am happy with the sample how to proceed?

Once you are happy with the sample simply visit our website and find click on the product you chose. Enter the quantity that you require and add to cart. You will then be sent to a secure payment page

  • ·         How accurate is the Quantity Calculator Tool?

The Quantity Calculator Tool is quite accurate as it uses individual tile size to calculate the quantity. However it does not allow for odd shaped walls or cutting. It is always a good idea to make an allowance for cutting.

  • ·         Can I order single sheets?

Yes. You may order any quantity that you would like. However small order may not qualify for free delivery

  • ·         Do you accept credit cards?

We accept all major credit/debit cards

  • ·         Is the payment process secure?

Yes all payments are done through Paypal Merchant Services.

  • ·         Will I receive email updates on the order?

Any update or change in the status of you order you shall receive a notification email.



  • ·         Will I be updated once my order has been dispatched?

A notification email will be sent to you once the order has been dispatched

  • ·         What is the delivery time?

The expected delivery times for orders within the UK are within 5 working days

  • ·         What is the delivery time for outside of UK?


The expected delivery times for orders within  the EU is 5-10 working days.

The expected delivery times for orders outside of the EU is dependent on where the delivery address. An accurate delivery date can be given if you email us you location and postcode. We still aim for the goods to arrive in 10 working days.



  • ·         Are there any general tips for fitting the mosaic tiles?


Fitting Mosaic Tiles

  • ·             What do I need to bear in mind before laying the tiles?

The surface to be covered should be flat, firm and free of any substances that could hinder adherence: dust, plaster, paint…in case of deteriorated surfaces; repairs should be carried out in advance to achieve an adequate surface.


  • ·              What is the best adhesive to use?

There are many brands and types of adhesives, some are better than others. We provide a highly valued international adhesive brand known as Mapei. It is well known and the products are of extremely high quality.

The two products to consider are:

    • ·     Mapei Adesilex P10 P10 which is the professional mosaic tiling adhesive. It is specifically made for mosaic tiling. The adhesive is brilliant white to avoid any changes in translucent glass mosaics to give you the fully intended colour. Adesilex P10 is a brilliant white adhesive with no vertical slip and extended open time. For interior and exterior wall and floor installations of ceramic, glass and marble mosaics.


    • ·     Mapei Keraflex Adhesive Adhesive which is High performance, flexible cementitious adhesive, multipurpose adhesive.


  • ·      Do I need to use grout once the mosaics are fitted?

It is always advisable to use grouting of a minimum width of 2mm


  • ·     Should I just use white grout? Will this be cheaper?

We sell Mapei Ultracolour plus grout and the price is fixed on all colours. You are welcome to choose any of the 27 available colours with no extra charge. If you create the perfect colour scheme it would be a shame for the finer detail such as the grout not to compliment it.

  • ·            Are there any general tips for fitting the mosaic tiles?

1.  Make sure the surface wall is clean and smooth.

2.  Porous surfaces should be primed before fixing.

3.  Choose the correct adhesive. A small saving which drops the quality can work out very expensive.

4.  Use a rubber float the press the mosaic tiles into the adhesive and ensure all the sheets are straight and flat.

5.  Only grout once the adhesive has had a chance to dry.

6.  The grout should be applied using a grout floor and excess grout should be cleaned as you go to avoid it drying and sticking to the mosaics.

7.  To clean the excess grout you should use a wet grout sponge.





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